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“Creative. Professional. Fun. Just a pleasure to have as a photographer and friend. An artist with a camera!” – Nicolas Ibarra

“Leigh Schneider ist eine großartige Fotografin mit unglaublich viel Talent und Kreativität. In jedes Shooting investiert sie viel Zeit und Liebe und arbeitet zielorientiert und ehrgeizig an den Umsetzungen ihrer Ideen – und die Resultate jedes einzelnen Shooting sind atemberaubend! Es war mir eine Ehre vor deiner Kamera stehen zu dürfen.” Paula Axli

“I’m so happy and satisfied with the great work from Leigh Schneider Photography!! We had such an accidental photo shooting because the rain didn’t stop at all, but mother nature gave us about one last hour of sun and no rain…even if my hairdo and make up were a little messy at the end, she made this beautiful picture of me. We definitely had so much fun and I love the results of that adventurous journey. Thanks Leigh, I highly recommend your work because you do it with the best elements and your fine artistry. Such a professional photographer!” – Maria Rodrivera




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Leigh is a Fine Art Photographer, specialised in Otherworldly Portraiture. Currently based in Dresden, Germany, Leigh shoots for both private and commercial clients internationally. She has shot in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand – her home country.

Leigh was captivated by portraiture and otherworldly universes from a young age. Her work often involves the creation of physical elements that are included in her shoots and ends with high end retouching and digital painting techniques. Each image is treated as an artwork, with attention given to the finest details. Her emphasis is on quality over quantity.

Leigh currently works as an Art Photographer for creative agency ‘Narciss & Taurus’ as well as running her own freelance photography business.


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All work on this site © LEIGH SCHNEIDER
Rudolf-Leonhard Straße, Hechtviertel, Dresden, Germany
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