Leigh is a fine art photographer from New Zealand, based in Dresden, Germany. Specialising in otherworldly portraits (fairytale, conceptual and fantasy photography), Leigh enjoys the whole process of a creative shoot, from preparing props, making over her subjects and painting over her images in post.

Qualified with a Bachelors in Computer Graphic Design in 2009 from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, Leigh has been working as a creative both within New Zealand and internationally since.


I offer otherworldly portraiture, to one and all! You can see my current offers under ‘BOOK/CONTACT.’
Fine art portraits are custom shoots, designed not only to be photos, but unique artworks to be printed and displayed. For this reason most of my packages include prints!
Themes can be otherworldly, fairytale, fantasy, bridal, with an exotic pet or anything else that excites you!*
My packages are also available to be gifted, for those of you who don‘t want to step into the ‘otherworld’ yourselves…
*I am not comfortable with nude or extremely dark/religious themes. Just chat with me about your ideas and I’m sure we can come up with something!


I do collaborate (unpaid) with models and other artists/designers who are complimentary to my style. I do this to develop my portfolio and network!
I do not currently offer collaborations with models openly, as I receive a lot of requests and am unable to work with everyone who applies. This is for various reasons and should not be taken personally. I usually have a specific concept in mind and require a specific look/experience level.
For this reason, I do offer a discounted shoot package* for experienced models who can bring something to the table in exchange for a very low shoot price. Check out my ‘Model Package.’
*In exchange models agree to allow the potential use of the images for my own purposes/marketing. The goal is to share the work, but should the work not quite fit consistently with my portfolio I may not post it or I may remove it when reviewing at a later time.


I create otherworldly portraiture, characterised by both the content of the images and the editing style. In working with me it is good to understand the amount of work and investment that goes into a shoot, from the technology required and purchased, to the preparation, organisation, shooting and editing process.
This style of photography focuses on quality over quantity, frequently involving hand-making accessories prior to the shoot and spending usually between 5-10 hours editing each photo after it. For this reason, most shoots only produce 1-3 final images. For me, this huge investment of time is worth it, for even only 1 highly edited final image.
This comes from passion for my work as an art form and not fast photography. By shooting with me, you acknowledge that you can appreciate and are happy with this. 🙂


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Rudolf-Leonhard Straße, Hechtviertel, Dresden, Germany

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