Creative Projects



The ‘Tree of Choice’ Interactive Art Installation was a creative project designed for Steiger in New Zealand, who work with young people internationally. Steiger strives to connect with local creatives and often use arts and music to do so.

Designed to provoke the public to contemplative and philosophical thought, the project allowed Steiger New Zealand to connect and engage with locals and invite them to upcoming projects and events. The project was also effective in promoting the work of Steiger and expanding their networks.

The ‘Tree of Choice’ originally ran as a campaign and interactive art installation in Tauranga, New Zealand. It has since gone international and continues to receive requests from new locations around the world.

The installation aims to contrast the many world views we have presented to us in modern life and give YOU the ability to CHOOSE what you believe. These choices are then reflected by the colours of the flowers placed on the tree.

The installation was most recently translated into German, rebuilt and presented at the Dresden City Festival in Eastern Germany.

Leigh created/designed and lead this project. For more information visit:



‘Diaries of Despair, True Tales of Turnaround’ (DOD) was a photographic exhibition that was open to the public in Tauranga, New Zealand. DOD saw 1000+ visitors over a 2 week period.

Designed to bring topics such as addiction, suicide, self harm and abuse to light, DOD told the stories of 6 local people who overcame such issues in their own lives. These locals were then present at the exhibition to engage and share with visitors.

DOD aimed to provide a place for people to feel safe, share their stories and be connected with the appropriate help forum. The project raised awareness and hope for those struggling and their loved ones.

(The photographs that were exhibited were collaborated on with and shot by Kacper Jahel Photography).

For more information visit:



The ‘Worth More than Birds,’ project or ‘Mehr Wert als Vögel’ in German, was created for social work organisation ‘Stoffwechsel e.V.’ based in Dresden, Germany.

Photographic art portraits were designed to build value and self esteem, as well as reflect the individuality of some of Stoffwechsel’s clients. The project was also displayed for street viewing at Stoffwechsel’s central city location and used at conferences for promotional purposes.